IT-LYSE's Parallel Opportunity Trading System (P.O.T.S) is an Intraday Auto-Trading software designed for CTAs and Hedge Funds. It provides regular performance with limited Drawdowns.



Since 2008, IT-LYSE is a FinTech company that has been been specializing in analyzing short term market movements for Equity index futures. Its know how has led to the development and release of a unique and diversified automatic intraday trading system . IT-LYSE licenses its system to professional partners, with whom it develops a very close partnership.


Latest News

January 1st 2016- IT-LYSE releases the version 2.0 of its POTS Software.

15 March 2011 - IT-LYSE's Auto Trading software POTS v1.0 is released
  Trading without the risk of Extraday Gaps  
  Discover POTS, our Multi-Strategy Intraday Trading System.




  Risk Management is Key to Success  
  Risk Management is a critical component of the POTS System. In its professional version, not any trade risks more than 0.5% of Capital